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Free Shipping On Orders Over 250$

  • Description

    This is our TOTE bag. Made from lightweight yet durable canvas, with sturdy carrying straps for storing necessities on the go, take it to-and-from anywhere, this bag is essential. Complete with our BANANHOT logo.

  • Details

    Fabric: 100% Canvas

  • Features

    Dimensions: W: 38.5 cm x H: 29.5 cm x H Strap: 16 cm

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Bananhot™ Bikinis

Designed in our Tel Aviv studio, Bananhot™ Bikinis is inspired by swimwear found on TLV beaches. Our products are made using Lycra, along with the best and most flattering materials for you and your body.

From Tel-Aviv's beaches to tropical Seychelles, get ready to be blown away by BANANAHOT’s style.

Enjoy summer with BANANHOT and feel special!

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